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Meetings, meetings, meetings. As knowledge workers, our days are filled with them. While meetings are necessary to collaborate, build rapport, and make key decisions, they can also sap productivity and motivation. The good news is that AI meeting assistants are here to help. These advanced tools leverage artificial intelligence to make your meetings more engaging, effective, and equitable.

In this article, I’ll share eight of the best AI-powered meeting assistants to supercharge your meetings. Whether you want to improve meeting collaboration, extract key data points, enhance the audio experience, gain conversation insights, promote inclusiveness, build a searchable video record, access a variety of AI features, or deeply integrate with your existing tools, there’s an AI meeting assistant for you. Read on to find the right one for your needs.


If you’re looking to improve how your team collaborates in meetings, Fireflies and Airgram are two AI assistants worth checking out. Fireflies help keep everyone on the same page by giving an overview of discussion topics and allowing attendees to track what’s being discussed in real-time. You can see what topics have already been covered, ensure important points aren’t missed, and wrap up knowing all bases were covered.


Airgram uses AI to analyze conversations and extract important data points, action items, and key takeaways. The assistant creates a searchable transcript of your meeting, pulls out highlights, and automatically generates follow-up tasks to keep your team accountable. No more scrambling to capture key points or figure out the next steps after the meeting ends.

With tools like Fireflies and Airgram in your arsenal, you’ll have more engaging and productive meetings where everyone is on the same page. The AI does the work of keeping discussions on track and pulling out what really matters so you can focus on collaborating. Who wouldn’t want a virtual assistant to handle the busywork of meetings?


Looking to eliminate background noise and gain insightful meeting metrics? Krisp and Avoma are two of the top AI meeting assistants. Krisp is an AI-based noise cancelation tool that eliminates background noise in real-time. Whether it’s dogs barking, construction work outside, or a crying baby, Krisp mutes the unwanted sounds so your meeting attendees can hear you loud and clear. It integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


Avoma analyzes your meetings and provides conversation metrics to help make them more engaging and impactful. It gives you data on things like how much each person spoke, the overall energy and sentiment of discussions, and keywords used. You’ll get a summary with highlights and timestamps after each meeting so you can easily revisit important moments.

Equal Time:

Equal Time is an AI assistant focused on inclusive meetings. It provides real-time feedback on speaking time and participation to help ensure all voices are heard. Equal Time tracks how much each person speaks during your Zoom meetings and can send private messages if someone seems left out of the conversation or is dominating it. The goal is to make meetings more collaborative, inclusive, and productive.


Rewatch automatically records and transcribes your Zoom meetings, then organizes the content into a searchable video wiki. Their AI assistant creates chapters, transcriptions, and summaries for each meeting so you can quickly find what you need. Easily search for a topic or person and see the relevant video clips and summaries. Rewatch makes it simple to get caught up on missed meetings or recall important discussions and decisions.


Nyota offers an AI virtual assistant with a variety of features to help improve your meetings. It can automatically schedule meetings, generate agendas, take meeting minutes, and more. Nyota integrates with tools like Google Calendar, Zoom, and Slack to streamline your workflow. The flexibility and customizability of Nyota allow you to enable only the features you need. Nyota works to make meetings more productive and efficient.


Fellow is an AI assistant focused on native integrations. It tightly integrates with tools you already use, like Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox. Fellow’s seamless integrations allow it to automatically join your meetings, take notes, schedule follow-ups, and share files without needing to configure different services. The native, out-of-the-box integrations make Fellow simple to set up and use.

Conclusion in Top AI Meeting Assistant Tools:

There you have it, the top 8 AI meeting assistant tools to make your meetings more productive and impactful. With AI assistants handling tasks like audio quality, data extraction, collaboration, and analytics, you can focus on the actual discussion and outcomes. No more struggling to keep up with the conversation or figure out the next steps after the meeting ends.

The future of meetings is powered by artificial intelligence, and now is the time to embrace it for your business. Say goodbye to inefficient meetings and hello to a new era of productive collaboration with AI meeting assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Fireflies, and how does it help with subject monitoring and teamwork in meetings?

An AI meeting assistant called Fireflies has strong topic-tracking and discussion capabilities. It makes it simple to keep track of important discussion topics and action items by using sophisticated AI algorithms to record and transcribe meeting interactions. Fireflies facilitate the smooth sharing of meeting notes and ideas among team members by integrating with popular collaboration tools.

2. How does Airgram capture data from meetings using AI?

Data extraction is one of Airgram’s strongest suits as an AI-powered meeting assistant. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to glean insightful information from conference discussions, including choices, action items, and crucial facts. Users now find it simpler to extract and utilize the most important information from their meetings for additional research and decision-making.

3. What characteristics of Krisp lead to audio from meetings that are of a good caliber?

Leading AI meeting assistant Krisp is renowned for its superb audio quality throughout sessions. It eliminates background noise using AI-based noise suppression technology, guaranteeing each meeting participant hears audio that is crystal clear and high-quality. Because of its sophisticated audio processing features, Krisp is the best option for meetings that need to be professional and noise-free.

4. In what ways does Avoma use AI to analyze conversations during meetings?

AI meeting assistant Avoma has a focus on conversation analytics. It extracts useful information from meeting interactions using AI-powered analytics, including speaker participation metrics, sentiment analysis, and keyword detection. The analytics features of Avoma give users data that can be used to increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Why is Equal Time the best option for meetings that are inclusive?

An AI meeting assistant called Equal Time was created to encourage inclusion in meetings. It monitors meeting dynamics with AI algorithms to make sure everyone has an equal chance to speak out and be heard. The inclusive aspects of Equal Time contribute to a polite, well-balanced meeting atmosphere for all attendees.

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